I originally created this website for a different purpose ... but that is old news.

I am in the beginning of my sixth decade on the earth.  Sixty-one years of living and experiences, watched over by a loving and protective God the entire time.

My sons are grown and long gone from my household. I am a free person with friends throughout the world, some of whom I have yet to meet.

It is time for me to pursue my dreams! To grow, to expand, to be what I can be, without any naysayers or critics in my life. I get to chose who is around me. I chose what I contribute to them and what I receive from them.  I chose to be upbeat and positive. I allow those who are of like mind to come into my space. 

Part of my dream is to initiate research in Switzerland with a Wyoming story line in the middle. 

Traveling to Zurich, Switzerland in 2015, I met with a top research librarian at the University of Zurich. Founded in 1833 as the Universitas Turicensis by the Canton of Zurich, it is the first university in Europe to be founded by a democratic state and not by a monarch or church.  The Librarian's input and advice will be revealed as these pages unfold.