Schaffhausen Minster

Standing in this sacred space; I gaze, I feel, on heaven’s face

The unadorned walls upward soar; with oak and bronze protecting door,

A calm and safe and warm retreat; as if there is no outside street,

And noise or pulsing human crowd; but silence, so I sing aloud.


And lift my notes to God above; and sing of His redeeming love,

The massive stones reflect the sound; as if more voices here abound,

In ceiling, arches, tower and nave; their song returns on humming wave,

I cease my line yet on they sing; like peals from bell which sigh and ring,


A tune beyond initial clang; and slow the tones decrease and hang,

Then lightly fade to whisper soft; was there a rustle heard aloft?

I half expect the air to bring; a feather float from angel wing.