Accepting Acceptance


I really could have listened, to his voice inside my heart.

I would have heard his words of love, and grace he would impart.

He’d say he paid the debt for me, forgiven all my sins.

But pride and haughtiness prevailed; I turned my face from him.


I chose to walk a snaking path, one side a deep abyss,

the other unforgiving stones, redemption to dismiss.

I sought my self-fulfillment - a substitute at best -

in people, roles and places, which never offer rest.


The enemy had trained me, to look to things on earth.

But Jesus is my answer, the source of my rebirth.

He used my broken pieces, old hurts from days gone by

to show me love and kindness but not to crucify.


My Judge, not my accuser, I’m blameless through the cross,

like Paul who went before me, I’ll count it all as loss.

I’m God’s child in His family, because of Jesus’s love.

I don’t need accolations: my worth comes from above.


I’m holding tight to Jesus, my right hand in his palm.

I’m trusting in my Savior. His presence is my balm,

and guides my steps before me and choices I should make,

to store my coins in heaven, to live as his namesake.


I’m thankful that He loves me, and titles me his own.

I plan to follow Jesus, and then, be beckoned home.