May and Spring is Almost Here

The month of May was a water event, rain, snow, rain, snow, rain, snow, well, you get the picture. Of course, living in high arid steppes of Wyoming, I am NOT complaining. Actually, this is a good time to say, Thank you Lord!

I love the sound of raindrops tapping on my metal roof, flowing over the eaves into the rain barrels. OK, they are actually re-purposed plastic garbage cans - always good to recycle and reuse whenever we can. I try to capture as much rainwater as possible and spread it out later during the thirsty season to my garden. And oh, how happy my garden is now!

Buds on the raspberry and gooseberry bushes, green leaflings on the Aspen and Birch trees, rhubarb leaves unfolding and pushing aside their winter mulch blankets. Everything is awake and shining bright. Each morning, steaming cup of coffee in hand, I make the rounds exclaiming over the flowers and trees and shrubs, looking to see how much progress they have made since last week. It's probably a good thing my wooden fence keeps my neighbors from seeing this ritual as I talk to and stroke the plants...

Saffron-cowled Blackbirds fight with the red-winged Blackbirds over the sunflower seeds, emptying the feeders in record time. Finches go to the watering tower, dipping their beaks and tilting their heads back so the water can trickle down their throats. The red-black ants make off with the leftovers, marching deep into their water soaked holes to nurseries and granaries.

There is a season to everything, a time to be born, a time to die, the Bible reminds us. The death of one season is the birth of another. There are "things" to leave behind in the old season, to make room to welcome in God's new creations. These can be possessions, thoughts, beliefs and sometimes people and relationships we have outgrown, which no longer benefit our spiritual growth. Let's be like plants, not afraid of new growth, welcoming a new season after a time of dormancy, productive, seed-ful and growing toward the Light. Hallelujah!